Monday, August 28, 2006

Darrell has completed 9 radiation treatments and so far it has not been too bad! He even started driving the car again last week! The weakness that they warned him about has slowly been creeeping up on him- but all in all this is much easier than the chemotherapy was.
Eleven treatments to go and then the healing process can really take over. Praise the Lord!
Thank you for all your prayers, love and conern for us!

Here are a couple of pictures from Darrell's recent visit to California to visit his family:

Darrell's sisters: Paula, Pat and Tracey

Four generation picture: Darrell, his mom, Amanda and baby Lydia

Friday, August 11, 2006

Oh my goodness! Time flies!
Since I (Cindy) went back to work in June, it's gotten a little more difficult to manage to squeeze in everything in that needs to be! It actually appears that this blog has been squeezed out a bit! Sooooo.....finally, here's an update!

Darrell's PET Scans came back negative- Praise the Lord! This means there is no growth or return of the lymphoma. God is faithful- and we trust Him!

However, as a precautionary measure, and because there was "an area of interest" around the margin of the tumor, Darrell will be undergoing 20 radiation treatments beginning next Wednesday. The treatment and side effects the doctor described to us seemed a little more than we were thinking, initally. But we will see! Thank you for continuing to lift up Darrell's name to the Lord as begins this stage of treatment.

On a related note: Darrell's mom who lives in California is also suffering with cancer: colon, breast, lung and liver. The doctors gave her 6 months to live in February. Of course, Darrell has been very, very concerned about not being well enough to get out to California to see her. Finally, three weeks after the final chemo treatment, the doctor gave him permission to travel if he felt he was up to it. So, last Saturday, Darrell, Nora and I flew out to Riverside, CA. The night before we left, Darrell ran a high fever. The morning we left he did not feel well. We even had to pull off the side of the road on the way to the airport so he could vomit. But somehow, he was able to get on that flight and make it out there with no incidents. That night he got a good night's sleep- and the next day for the first time I can remember in a while- he actually looked rested. I really believe that God intervened at just the right season so Darrell could have a good visit with his mom. It seems as though he has finally begun to shake loose the overwhelming side effects of the chemo. He will return from California next Tuesday, the day before the radiation treatments start.

Nora and I had a really quick trip out there and returned 2 days later. Following are a couple of pictures I took on my phone. When Darrell gets home with the camera, we'll publish some additional pictures of his trip.

Here's Nora when we're trying to put on her seat belt. She's saying, "No buckle! No buckle!" We hadn't even gotten off the ground in Atlanta yet!

Alright, now this is more like it! This traveling thing is OK after all!

Darrell's precious sister Carol and her husband Joe pulled their motor home out so we would have a comfortable place to sleep while visiting in CA. Here's Nora and Papa going "night-night" the first night we arrived.

Darrell and his mom, Ann Weinberg
A big thanks to my sister, Sheila for giving Darrell 50,000 SkyMiles for Christmas last year. Who could have known what this year would hold and how timely this exact trip was in this particular season of our lives? God did.

I will do better about keeping this blog updated!! Thanks for the patience and love you show to us! God bless you.