Thursday, June 22, 2006

Today was Darrell's third round of chemotherapy. It's 9 PM now, and he's already worn out, pale and his blood sugar is way up again. Yikes!
This has been a good week with Darrell's sister Paula, her daughter Michelle and Michelle's newborn son, Evan visiting with us. Paula spent all day today at chemo with Darrell.

This is Darrell, his sister Paula, our niece Michelle and her 4 week old son, Evan.

Tonight, Amanda and Lydia came into town to visit. Jason, Brandy and Nora also came over. We dressed all the babies in coordinating outfits. What do you think?

Nora, Lydia and Evan

Left to right: Jason with Nora, Amanda with Lydia, Michelle with Evan!

Thank you again for standing with us in prayer for Darrell's healing and victory over the effects of the chemotherapy.


Amanda said...

We look good!

Anonymous said...

they are so cute

Anonymous said...

You look better than good; you look WONDERFUL to me!! I am praying for you all that God would meet you where your deepest need is and just cover you with His amazing love and healing...for the physical as well as the emotional. We know He is all-powerful and His will is that we are continually showing His glory. You are doing that and I rejoice with you that He is using you. Many hugs, Francine Busch