Thursday, May 25, 2006

Darrell went for his weekly blood test today and the results were great! All the blood indicators related to the chemo, including his white blood cell count, were back in the normal range! Praise the Lord!
He has been feeling somewhat better for the past two days- but the previous part of this week was very hard on him. Please continue to pray for a lowered blood sugar count. Even though Darrell is taking Insulin and has doubled the dosage of Glipizide, his oral medication, he still has not had a day (or hardly a daily result) within the normal limits. Of course, overall the count is much lower now that he is taking the Insulin. However, his eyes are still blurry from the extremely high counts he had previously. Once the sugar count lowers and stays within the normal range, we're sure his blurriness will clear up.
Additionally, Darrell is still having much stomach pain. However, the good news is that during the last two days he has been able to reduce the number of pain pills he is taking.
We're expecting a good week with lots of improvement and strengthening!
Thursday, June 1st is the next day of chemo. We'll keep you posted!

Here's a few fun pictures from this week:

Baby Lydia was dedicated this past Sunday at Faith Family Church in Acworth. This is Les' childhood church and where his dad is the pastor.
Here is Amanda, Les and baby Lydia after the dedication.

Nora gives her cousin Lydia a Dedication Day outift with Zoe on the front. Uncle Jason is holding Lydia and Pa-pa is pulling on Nora's skirt!

Here is Nora inspecting her cousin Lydia:

What does her face feel like? She doesn't have any teeth!!

Pa-pa and Grandmama with their two babies.

Pa-pa and Lydia are having a serious conversation.


possomcat said...

All of the Moran's are following your posts and enjoying the family moments. You keep on trucking Darrell and if you have to keep the Diabete shots until this chemo stuff is over, then so be it. Better to win the battle all around. We love you and see that you don't really need the skull cap of many colors yet. Something about you being Indian that keeps the hair folicals in even during the chemo. Go for it Darrell. Your buddies in prayer, Janie Darryl Tim Becky and all her family in prayer.

Anonymous said...

These are precious! You guys are continually in our prayers!

Anonymous said...

Cindy & Darrell,
I wanted to pass along a verse that someone shared with me today. It was from someone who recently went through chemo. He said that after his first treatment, he knew he couldn't go on like that. So, when he went in for his 2nd treatment, he and the others there with him, prayed over the chemo. (Kinda like you pray over your food at meal times) And that literally, he didn't have any of those awful side effects! The verse is Mark 16:18 "They will be able to handle snakes with safety, and IF THEY DRINK ANYTHING POISONOUS, IT WON'T HURT THEM." Well, seeing as how chemo is straight poison, I think this verse is pretty significant for you! So this Thursday, right before you get your chemo, make sure and say a prayer!

Love you guys :)