Monday, May 08, 2006

Today we finally went to the oncologist for Darrell's first appointment. The doctor said based on the pathology report and the PET Scans, he finds NO CANCER in Darrell's body! Isn't God faithful? Basically, the surgeon "got it all" and nothing has spread to other lymph areas. God had previously showed us in our hearts that he was changing this situation from the first reports- and here is the proof!

Anyway, the doctor still said Darrell needs to undergo chemotherapy to eradicate any microscopic lymphoma cells. We feel like this is an important step to complete his entire healing process. So, this week, we ask you to join us in prayer regarding two more "big" doctor's visits:
Wednesday: bone marrow biopsy (to rule out lymphoma spread to bone marrow)
Thursday: first chemotherapy treatment
The chemo is a five hour treatment. Of course there are all sorts of possible side effects while the chemo is being given and more seriously, 10 days - two weeks after administering it.
Darrell will receive 4 cycles of chemotherapy, each three weeks apart. Would you continue to stand with us in binding the enemy from this situation? Just because there are possible serious side effects from the chemo doesn't mean Darrell has to experience them!

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Dan Butcher said...

Thanks for making your faith and your testimony available! This is exciting, and I look forward to reading more good reports as you move toward complete healing.