Tuesday, May 02, 2006

We've been home for the hospital for a full week. Darrell is recovering from the surgery. He's doing well, although quite weak and doesn't have too much endurance. But that's to be expected when recovering from major surgery! The big part of the recovery, however, is that we've been doing remodeling and work on the hour house for the past 2 months or so...and our house was torn up when Darrell got sick. So, it's been quite a week as several people helped us get our house in a little bit better order. When it's all done, our house will be very nice. Right this minute though, it's a little crazy- but with some improvement everyday. Here's Jason "mudding" the walls from which Darrell recently tore off the wallpaper.
The fun part of the first couple of days home was our kids, their spouses and children were with us, assisting us at every turn. Amanda and Les who live in Birmingham stayed with us. Jason and Brandy who live near us in Marietta were also here most of the first few days. We spent time working on the house, playing with grandbabies, encouraging ourselves in God's Word and praying together. See the Scripture section of this Blog to see what God has shown us to speak over Darrell's body.
We went to the surgeon this past Friday and he took Darrell's staples out of his abdomen- 16 of them! He also showed us where the tumor was. It was located directly under the "v" that the ribs make in the upper abdomen. It was behind and between the colon and adjacent intestines and had actually broken into the colon. It sounded like kind of a complicated surgical procedure. However, the doctor reiterated, and the pathology report stated, that he had "gotten it all."
Darrell will be taking a couple of tests before chemotherapy starts.
Wednesday, May 3: MUGA Scan at Northside Hospital, Alpharetta
If you're interested in reading details about what a MUGA Scan is and what it does, click on the link below:
Thursday, May 4: PET CT Scan at the main Northside Hospital, Atlanta
Here's a link with an explanation of what a PET CT scan is:
The big day this week, however is our little grandbaby, Nora's birthday is on Friday, May 5th! It's hard for us to believe our little "Noreo" is 2.

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Jakester said...

I met Darrell on my V.N. weekend 13 years ago and he is one of the many men from that weekend that I will always look up to and respect. I need to hook up with the big guy and give him a big hug. I love you Darrell!

Jake Rea
North Georgia Vida Nueva #8